It's 1937, and FDR has started his second term. There are still fourteen million of Americans out of work. The Spanish Civil War is still raging in its second year. The "Hindenburg" disaster takes place in Lakehurst New Jersey. The Golden Gate Bridge opens in San Fransisco. And Amelia Earhart disappears on her around the world flight. At 320 Avenue X, Brooklyn, New York, Gaetano and Santina Cuccio with their four young children open "Cuccio's" that has become part of the "Gravesend" neighborhood for the last 75 years.

In those first few years of business, "Cuccio's" like many new establishments had their ups and downs, but the biggest was the entry of the United States into the Second World War. With its shortages of raw material due to rationing, it made it very difficult to keep the bakery filled with baked goods; and with the shortages of manpower due to the needs of the country, it was extremely difficult to keep the business running.


Business issues paled in comparison to the personal ones that our grandparents had to endure, just as millions of other American families did. By 1945 all three of their sons were deployed with the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps, which took them to the battlefields of Italy and the submarine infested waters in the North Atlantic and China.

With the hope of a new beginning after the Great War, "Cuccio's" began to transform itself from a traditional Italian pastry shop to a bakery with broader styles of baking. This was evident with the types of baked goods that could be found in the store from the 1950s to present day.

You will still find the Italian pastries and cookies that Gaetano Cuccio first introduced to the store back in 1937 as well as what is traditionally called a "German" style of baking which would be your layer cakes, pies, danish, buns and of course, breads of all types and sizes. As tastes and needs of the neighborhood has gradually changed, so has "Cuccio's".

"Cuccio's" has been and always is ready to fulfill the requests of their customers with new and delicious baked goods. Keeping the latest trend of specialty cakes and themes, we have added to our staff a very talented and creative baker and decorator who can fulfill your wildest imagination for a cake and/or cupcake of any size, shape or form that will make that special day memorable.

Now in the hands of the third generation of family, "Cuccio's" is still keeping the principles of service by being the good neighbor to the community that was first established by Gaetano and Santina Cuccio. With pride and understanding that our mission is to provide the best quality product each and every day, we pledge that we will continue to work for the loyalty and patronage of our customers so they will continue to make "Cuccio's" their bakery of choice for the next 75 years.

We thank you for your continuing patronage.
Best Wishes,
The Cuccio Bakery family


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